Shustrik's .map Creation Tool for MGMaps

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1. Find the area that You want to get a map of.

2. Draw a line around the area that You want mapped, by placing markers around in sequence. A single click places a marker, a click on a marker removes it. It is also possible to drag markers around after they have been placed.

3. Specify zoom levels, map type, and detail level. WARNING: The maximum detail level can freeze Your browser for upto 5 minutes, depending on the complexity of the shape and other factors.

4. Press the "Generate!" button. Wait for the script to generate everything. As a side note, Mozilla Firefox does the processing much much faster than IE does.

5. Voila! The browser should now offer You to download Save it to a location on Your computer and go on to use the script or gMapMaker and move the maps onto Your mobile phone (more details on that on the MGMaps Stored Maps page).

6. If You have any suggestions (well, I know damn well the script ain't working even near to perfect, but anyway...), press here to find out my E-Mail address.

7. Feel free to donate to the project to support its development using Paypal:

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